There are 2 types of paddles
• One Piece Paddles - These come in one long length, typically 86”, with the handle unattached. You will need to size, cut, and glue the handle with this type of paddle. Great for a single rider.
• Adjustable - An adjustable paddle allows you to extend or shorten the shaft, typically 67” to 84”, and lock in place. These are great when a board is shared by riders of differing heights and require no cutting or gluing. Some Paddle Tips
• Using a paddle less than 7” above the paddler’s head can cause back strain while paddling.
• Using a paddle more than 11” above the paddler’s head can cause shoulder strain while paddling.
• Always paddle with the angle of the blade tilted forward toward the nose of your paddle board. •Your paddle can chip away at your rails depending on your technique. You can purchase rail guard tape to help protect your side rails from scratches, dings and chips from your paddle blade.