About Us

STONYBROOK PADDLE is not only stand up paddle board rentals and sales. It is a spread of positive energy, healthy life style, and love for stand up paddle boarding sport. Seeking to make this sport more popular and driven by good intentions we keep on gathering stand up paddle board enthusiasts for various projects.


There’s more to using a stand up paddle board (SUP) than what’s in the name. Outdoor enthusiasts are using SUPs for everything from running whitewater to practicing yoga. These versatile boards are great fun no matter what body of water you place them on, from lakes to rivers and oceans. Best of all, SUPs are now more transportable than ever.

SUPs date back to Hawaii’s earliest surfing days, when surf instructors used them to watch and teach students. Now a popular fitness craze and go-to beach resort activity, stand up paddle boarding is a great core workout for people of all fitness levels – young and old.


We are a SUP MOBILE Manitoba company, mainly located in Steinbach.