Why choose a inflatable paddleboard


A stand up paddleboard (SUP) combines paddling with surfing. It gives you a fresh perspective, lets you look right down into the water, and feels like you’re walking on the surface. The upright position provides a full body workout, while the width of the board makes it is easy to balance.


    If you’re travelling, don’t have a lot of room to store a board, or want to transport your board by bike, public bus or airplane, an inflatable is the right way to go. They fit inside a carrying case that’s the size of a large backpack. With a hand pump, you can inflate it in 5 to 10 minutes or even faster if you use an electric or battery powered pump.

    Because these boards have internal stabilizers and you can inflate them to a relatively high pressure, cruising on one feels similar to a hard-body board. The upside is durability. The construction and materials makes them very tough, so they are not likely to get dented or damaged when you paddle through rocks or among obstacles.

    Best for:

    • Beginner to advanced riders
    • Travellers
    • People with limited storage space
    • People who want to paddle a more remote lake or river